Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dahon in Takoma Park

This guy was trucking down Philadelphia Ave into Takoma Park yesterday afternoon. No doubt on his way back from work. Rockin the Dahon with a trailer on which he had attached a hardshell piece of luggage, probably to stow the Dahon when he gets down town. Big ups for the business man.

I like to say "Dahon"

While we are on subject of Takoma Park I thought I would shine some light on the phenomenon of stop signs voicing their political point of views. It seems that crunchy granola types are not the only ones who love to inflict their opinions on others in TP.

The Veggie Stop Sign

The "Hatin' on the Colonel" Stop Sign

The Self Loathing Stop Sign

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Anonymous said...

Stop Mindless Activism!

Stop the Activist/Issue complex!

Stop: Beleiving what you're told.
If you believe in an issue, you are being used for the profit of others!