Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cycle Jerk In NYC

Over the weekend my wife and I took a trip up to the New York area to visit family and get a few things done in the city. In between "things", I found 2 hours to myself to ride in Manhattan. I was looking forward to this all week as biking in a different city is like having an affair without having to worry about lying or STDs. Before this however, my wife who is 8.5 months pregnant was determined to have a good New York deli experience for lunch (before my ride). Not one to argue with a pregnant woman I accompanied her to an establishment that only sold food items as big or bigger than a human head.

Not the ideal pre-ride meal

Not knowing the city very well and nursing a stomach full of pastrami and corned beef I drifted towards Central Park. I had never ridden in the park and was amazed at how easily I could move through it given the kagillions of folks who had joined me.

Saturday was a beautiful day, perfect for quiet repose, a pick up game of almost any sport, or watching senior citizens cavort around a bowling green.

Remember, the urban sombrero is only a viable accessory when observing affluent non physical "sporting" events that your are ashamed to been seen observing.

I ended my NYC day spotting this fancy "rickshaw of tomorrow". The future is bright indeed my friends, and filled with extraneous plastic parts.


Fat Lad said...

We're there in September for a few days..... and we're taking the bikes :)

Can't wait!

Fat Lad

Cycle Jerk said...

Nice! I bet Central Park is great in the autumn.