Monday, April 29, 2013

Standing Room Only: A Bike Seat Show

A friend of mine has a piece in Standing Room Only at the Workhouse Arts Center. I support art and bike seats support me so this seems like a win. 

Standing Room Only: A Bike Seat Show’ is an exhibit of customized bike seats which displayed from April 20-June 16, 2013 at the Workhouse Arts Center.

Standing Room Only: A Bike Seat Show’ is an painted bike seats on custom made stands.The show will be displayed from April 20 to June 16 of 2013 in the new Vulcan Community Arts Gallery in the Workhouse Arts Center. Twenty artists have been invited to participate mostly from the Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond areas.

The expression ‘Standing Room Only’ means that there is only space at an event to stand because all chairs are occupied or none are available, playing into the dynamic of seating. Because of its use, the seat is seldom seen when riding, in this show it will become the focal point for the viewer. A saddle has limitless possibilities for transformation and yet is also easily accessible to the viewer and relatable to current popular culture.

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