Saturday, January 5, 2013

Car Diaries: Justice Denied

So I was feeling shitty and didn't bike in today, which is shitty. While driving in someone cut me off pretty bad. I had to slam on the brakes to avoid being side swiped. Dude didn't even give the customary "Sorry I'm an asshole" wave. As I neared my office the dude pulled into my office building and proceeded down to the parking garage, as did I. At this point I'm sure he's feeling pretty tense. 

He parks... 

I park... 

We both get out of our cars at the same time and exchange a glance from across the lot. I'm loving this. Little did this guy know that when he cut someone off he would be riding the elevator with his victim not 2 minutes later! So we both start walking to the elevator and I start thinking of something witty to say. At that moment (which I believe was the single greatest moment of this mans life) one of his coworkers pulls up and starts a conversation, saving him from the elevator ride of ultimate shame.

There is no justice.

1 comment:

nc dirtbag said...

Beans, Cabbage, and Cauliflower. Eat them just before bed and again in the morning. Do this everyday. Get to work at the same time you did the other day, when he cut u off. Do this everyday.
Then, one day, you will get to ride the elevator with him, just the two of you.
That's right - colon explosion elevator hellride! Payback time!