Friday, August 10, 2012

Her First Bike Ride

This is a short compilation of footage from my daughter's first bike ride. She's on the iBert and I'm shooting with a GoPro Hero on widescreen and I used windows movie maker to put it together.

Music by The Flaming Lips

Several figs were destroyed in the making of this film.


Megan said...

I like how you faked her out with that second fig. Also, I may have just gotten a little weepy. Way to capture what it's like to bike with your child.

CR said...

Awesome video!

We use the same seat. We thread the straps through a rubber band to keep them up on our kid's shoulders.

Paul said...

You're daughter is adorable, looks like a natural on the bike.

EL PELON said...

Well done Dad. Love this blog and that was a great vid. So happy to see her smile at one point....pure bliss.