Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Commute Stinks!

At least it does this week. Last week the DC region was ripped a new one by a storm that came down from the Ohio valley knocking out power to a kagillion people. Being without power for close to a week has some ill effects on the community especially when the highs were in the 100's. One effect that is now making itself painfully clear to me is that everyone without a generator had to throw out everything in their refrigerators. Riding through neighborhoods this week on trash day has been pretty disgusting as at the end of every driveway is a trashcan filled with rancid meat and dairy products. Another ill effect is the state of the Capitol Crescent Trail. Here are some photos of the storm damage taken this morning.


Freewheel said...

I guess it stinks, literally, but overall I'm guessing it's still more fun than taking the bus or Metro or (gasp) driving.

Alex said...

Similar thing happened last summer up in the Boston area. The bike path was pretty destroyed. It was a cyclocross bike commute for a couple of weeks, at least.