Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Continued Neglect

So I wrote a post a little while back about how I've changed my bike punishing ways. Oozing with hubris; the post was all about how enlightened I've become and that I see the value of preventative bike maintenance. This morning I must call "Bullshit" on myself.

After completing my morning rituals I went to grab the LHT (yeah you know me) and head for the door. I noticed my back wheel wasn't spinning when I lifted it off the stand. First thought was that the pads were rubbing but that wasn't the case. In all my "hot shitness" I neglected to pay any attention to my bearings which had failed and were crushing into each other under the pressure of the skewer.

Rightfully feeling like a complete dickhead I yanked my Bianchi EV3 out of obscurity and got it ready to ride. I hadn't ridden my road bike in over a year, (a different type of neglect) and had grown very comfortable on the LHT. The first few miles of the commute felt like I was ridding in on a broom handle. Once we got reacquainted, the Bianchi and I were cranking and I got to work faster than I had in a while.

Just to show how enlightened I am, I'll post anything that ends in (Death Metal Version) here is a little joy via (AHTBM)

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