Tuesday, September 21, 2010

20 Somethings Are Buying Fewer Cars!

According to this article by Kiplinger;

"Motorists aged 21 to 30 now account for 14% of miles driven, down from 21% in 1995."

Contrary to our parents generation who saw car ownership as a divine right, or the culmination of manifest destiny, 20 somethings are opting to take the bus and tweet rather than sit in their car (and play with their iPhones).
“This generation focuses its buying on computers, BlackBerrys, music and software and views commuting a few hours by car a huge productivity waste when they can work using PDAs while taking the bus and train,”
That's a savings of 2 additional hours of blogging time, EVERY DAY! Yes I see the irony, that I am blogging at this very moment but hey, I'm doing it at the office like a responsible adult.

Honestly I don't care why people are choosing not to buy cars, I'm just happy with their choice.

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