Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trip! And Pub Review

Over this past weekend I took the family up to the Cycle Jerk Family Fun Compound in Blah Blah, Michigan where there was lot's of swimming, feasting, and playing to do. I was looking forward to all of this but I was really wanted to get a ride in. If the opportunity presented itself  I would to tour through the rolling hills, beautiful farmland, and scenic lakes of Michigan with my uncle so I threw the LHT (yeah you know me) on the roof and hit the road. We ended up doing a short 25 mile romp which was refreshing, 25 miles and only a handful of cars on the road.  The bummer for you is that I forgot the camera.

On the way home we stopped in State College, PA to see the fireworks at Penn State which were bad ass. While there we hit Otto's Pub and Brewery for some much needed refreshments.

The beers made on site are very nice, I had the Slab Cabin which was a wonderfully hoppy IPA with very little bitterness at the finish.

After touring the facility and not finding any Belgian style beer aging in old whiskey barrels on the premises the little one got fussed and tried to pee on the floor.
 (beer snob)

The food was good and the atmosphere is standard brewery/restaurant decor. The thing that stood out for me was the hops growing up the facade of the building.

I also like my bike parking to be bike shaped. Well done.

For a one night stop over we had a great time. I'll definitely stop in again when I return to sample the epic single track I keep hearing about.

Happy Monday.

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