Monday, June 29, 2009

Decal Decision, Night Herons, And A Hopping IPA

Thanks to everyone who added their two cents to my last post and to those who posted to the Google Group. There were a ton of great comments and viewpoints. Some of which were for decals but most were against. As for my decision I had to go with the majority. I set to work on removal which started with my fingernail at a stop light on the way home on Friday. These stickers come off with remarkable ease. When I got home I used a credit card to finish the job in about ten minutes. My only suggestion is to put paper towels down before you start. The decals come off in flakes and end up sticking to the floor and everything else the touch. I haven't taken the head badge off yet but I will. Maybe down the road I will get a cool custom piece for the head tube.

Nekid or Naked?

Next up are the Yellow Crowned Night Herons of Sligo Creek. If any of you have been around the creek this season you may have noticed scenes like this...

or maybe this...
You have this fine feathered specimen to thank. The yellow Crowned Night Heron has taken up residence in the park in abundance. Last season I would see one every once and a while but now a days I see them every morning. Mostly in their nests with 4 to 5 you ones pooping up all day long. I can't complain too much as they are a beautiful and I get to see them hunting in the morning which is pretty cool.

Photo: Don Olsen
I took a few shots of the young ones in their nests this morning. Click on the image to see a larger grainy version. I need a better camera for this sort of thing.

Lastly, I tried a delicious IPA from Dog Fish Head yesterday and I thought I would pass it along. It's continually hopping after all.


Gunnar Berg said...

A seriously good looking machine.

Rat Trap Press said...

Your LHT looks surprisingly good without the decals. You made the right choice.

MyWar said...

If you like the 60min, you should try the 90.. or the 120! YOWZA!!
Great LHT, by the way.

Scullner said...

that bike looks more bikey without the decals.
A good choice.