Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Affluent White Boy Street Gangs and Traffic Monsters

There is a video out there that is tearing around the internet like a pack of mud covered raccoons in an Apple store . I think this video has exposed the true ugliness of white boy gangsta douche bags everywhere.

At first I thought it was satirical, then I saw this on a soon to be demolished McDonalds in the ever so rich heart of Bethesda MD.

Kinda makes you Wunda, doesn't it?

This comes from the dudes over at DudeCraft. Some kid was kick ass enough to make a monster out of traffic barrels and when anything this kick ass happens the police just have to get involved. Read the full story here.

I want one of these for the random use on the Capital Crescent Trail


shryke said...

I'd expect the cops to go ballistic over this. we've declared war on the unusual. remember the mooninites lite brite panic, the girl with the circuit board sweatshirt that got arrested, and the guy that got arrested for hacking because he had a laptop with linux on it.

MELI. said...

OMG that little monster just made my evening ;D rowwwrrrrrr!!!

Hugh said...

This is cool!