Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A New Waterfront Park, Tomatoes, and Sexyness

Last weekend I went to the taste of Georgetown and was pleasantly surprised to find the nearly completed Georgetown Waterfront Park. This seems like a nice way to enter the city via the Capital Crescent Trail. Instead of a crappy parking lot made famous by that movie with Cher you get this...

A great place for the GW kids to get baked!

Also a fine place to serve your master.

and this thing!

This is money well spent by the city. I am pumped to see the
finished product.

Afterward I did what any red blooded American cyclist would do... I ripped up all my tomato plants and made fried green tomatoes. Since the long summer days are over my tomatoes have been lacking in the yummy department. Not one to prolong the inevitable figured I would make do with what I had.

And lastly the nice people over at The Saftey is Sexy Campaign sent me some stickers to help me with my sexyness.

Wednesday OUT!

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