Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Wage

So on the way home yesterday I was cut off by someone, let's call them "Wanker", making a left turn onto the road I was traveling on. It wasn't terrible but I did have to apply the brakes as the car was very close when Wanker pulled out. We were close enough that I could see Wanker looking at me in the rear view mirror. I motioned to my eyes and pointed at Wanker to suggest that Wanker wasn't watching for traffic that had the right of way. I didn't yell or give the bird or throw feces . Then Wanker pointed at the path near the road... sigh.

I am so tired of this argument. It's the same damn thing over and over and over from those who harbor aggression towards cyclists. I am a guy who owns a bike. I have a right to ride that bike on roads where it is legal to do so. I also own a car and buy gas and pay taxes. I do not belong on the sidewalk or a path. I am not foot traffic and travel at speeds unsafe for the sidewalk. I also think about the routes I take and don't use high traffic roads that would be dangerous for everyone if I tried to ride a bike on, even though it would be leagal to do so.

Wanker, it's not my fault you cut me off. You own a car, not the road.

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Unknown said...

Brilliant use/list of wankers. Thanks for the smile today.