Monday, August 17, 2009

Beer And Berts

First off I think everyone should know that we are in the second day of the Inaugural DC Beer Week. That means we're already a day behind and have some catching up to do. This sounds like a pretty sweet event with tons of participating local bars and breweries. Any excuse is a good one people.

Next up is how ahead of the curve I am. I recently procured an Ibert for my one year old and am pleased to announce that Tori Spelling and I have one more thing in common. We both have fetching blond hair, both of us starred on hit 90's television shows that happened to be produced by our fathers, and now we both rock the Ibert. I took the little one out for a few rides over the weekend and I am working on a product review.

Happy Monday everyone... Happy Monday Tori Spelling.

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