Monday, March 9, 2009


There were some amazing bikes at NAHBS this year. Tig welds and lugs all covered in spectator drool as usual. There was one bike in particular that has me scratching my head. This bike made by Cherubim Cycles and showcased by Urban Velo definitely wins the WTF? award.

The craftsmanship is undeniable. It's a beautifully built bike with amazing attention to detail. I am guessing though that this design was purely for the sake of fashion as I don't see any practical or aerodynamic benefits, (let alone the lack of steering capability). Drafting would be especially difficult as any cyclist would swerve to the shoulder at the sight of that thing coming up behind them. The rider would also have to continuously tilt his/her head to read the vertically mounted cyclometer. The only purpose I see is an homage to the Ambiguously Gay Duo Cycling Team. 

If that is the case then well done Cherubim Cycles!

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