Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Don't call it a Komeback... yet

I remember in the mid 90's when mountain bike componentry was larger, heavier, and the color of that 80's ski jacket in my dad's closet. Back then, like today, there were certain brands and parts that I "NEEDED" to have. A Girvin Cross-Link, V-type brakes, Gripshifts... and of course, the KORE stem. I wouldn't even look at a bike unless it had that big KORE logo across the stem. They were in all the magazine's and the marketing machine had it's hooks in me.After a few years my attention shifted to other component groups with superior machining techniques and and eventually I forgot all about what was once coveted, until I was strolling through Performance Bikes in Rockville the other night and noticed that distinctive unmistakable "K". I was brought back to the days when mountain biking was new (to me) and none of my bearings were sealed. Kore has launched a new line of components for pretty much any type of ride you can slap together. Time will tell if they can rise to their previous stature, but I am already thinking about a few parts of mine that may have just become "obsolete".

BTW... I am still rocking the Girvin on my touring bike.

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gwadzilla said...

that movie Klunkers has made me want to put together a little picture box of old components and parts

but I am afraid I do not have anything that fun

I have some Ritchey rigid forks
but nothing real vintage

I better have some old Charlie Cunningham Power Cams

but I doubt that I have any classic tires
there have been too many moves since I rode the Tomac Farmer Johns