Monday, August 4, 2014

The Big Question: What Kind Of Bike Should I Get?

I think I have an average amount of friends, family and acquaintances. I'm not going to count them because I don't care and you sure as hell don't. It's probably a fair amount of people. I thought about this number just now to illustrate the point that a very high percentage of those friends,  family members, coworkers etc. have asked me the same question which is usually is the beginning of the same conversation.

Person - Hey man,(son, bro, pal, coworker, handsome, dipshit...) I want to get a bike, what kind should I get?

Me - What do you want to do with it?

Person - Well I'm looking for a pro-level all mountain big dropping race ready road bike to do cyclocross centuries on while I pick up the kids from the downtown grocery store on my way to do a two night bike tour with the rotary club.  

Me - Awesome! How much do you want to spend?

Person - $250

Me - No.

Person - Huh?

Me - NO! Spend more money on bikes. You'll be happier. 

Person - No.

Me - Huh?

Most if the time this is where the conversation ends. If prodded I usually  recommend a Surly of some shape and size. I've had two Surlys, I love them, and they are a good bang for the buck. The problem is my idea of a good deal doesn't jive with most civilians.  To me, $1100-ish for a bike that will never quit you seems like a pretty good deal. 

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nc dirtbag said...

I picture the tow truck driver from License to Drive, where he says, "...for 80 bucks!...hahaha" and drops the front end of the car back down.

You should do something like that. "For 250 bucks...hahaha" and drop the front end of their car.