Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Product Review: Clubman Mustache Wax

All my talk about tweed rides have got me anticipating the eventual invite to a newly formed DC Tweed Ride. When this happens I will be ready. I recently procured a tube of Clubman's Moustache Wax from the interwebs.

The directions say to use the brush that come with the tube to apply the wax. I found it easier to soften it up between my thumb and index finger and apply it directly to the mustache. Being my first time it took me about 10 minutes of twirling and reapplying to get a good curl. I couldn't tell if it made a difference which direction I curled the hair so I went counter clockwise, I will need to do some research on this. I also used the wax on my mustache when not curling and it made a big difference. It was very well behaved and no wild hairs going every direction. Had this been an actual Tweed Ride I would have shaved my chin to get the full effect.

Now all I need is a monocle and a Hendricks gin and tonic in a flask.

Bottom line: Recommended.
Buy it if you have a flavor savor or are an old Russian woman.
Don't buy it neither of the above apply to you.


Gunnar Berg said...

40 year user, off and on depending on facial attire. Thumbs up.

Unknown said...

So, you fashion yourself after Dali :-)

Moustache Wax said...

I used to be a fan of this but now I much prefer foad wax.